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Grade: 2,    Subject: LanguageArts,    Topic:
Question 1:
Choose the correct long vowel sound word for the following sentence.

Please sign this ________!


Question 2:
Put the following words into correct alphabetical order.

Brick, Barber, Butter, Banana.

1. Brick
2. Barber
3. Butter
4. Banana.
1. Barber
2. Banana
3. Brick
4. Butter.

1. Barber
2. Banana
3. Butter
4. Brick.
1. Banana
2. Barber
3. Brick
4. Butter.
Question 3:
What is the Synonym of "Cheerful"?


Question 4:
What is the Antonym of "Good"?


Question 5:
The compound word footpath is made of:

Foo + TpathFoot + Path

Foot + Pat + HFootpa + The
Question 6:
What is the meaning of Debate?

Fight for a causeBeing Angry

Discuss a topicArgue to make someone unhappy
Question 7:
Which underlined word is a noun in the following sentence.

Victor likes to play tennis in the evening.


Question 8:
Alexy got "A" grade . He got an ice cream from his mom.

The underlined word in the above sentence is a


Question 9:
Select the sentence that is correctly punctuated.

Who is the President of France.North America is a continent?

Who is the Prime Minister of Canada?President is the leader of a country?
Question 10:
What is the prefix in "Unwanted"?


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