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Question 1:
Identify the subject in the following sentence.

Jenny Thompson won twelve Olympic medals.

Jenny ThompsonJenny Thompson won

won twelve Olympic medalsOlympic medals
Question 2:
What is the adjective word used in the following sentence?

Greg Louganis was an excellent swimmer.


Question 3:
Select the correct homophone for the following sentence.

The Eiffel Tower is made of _______ .


Question 4:
Select the word with correct suffix (er) for the following sentence.

Jim's joke was ________ than my joke.


Question 5:
Select the sentence that is capitalized correctly.

george w. Bush is the President of the United States of America. George W. Bush is the President of the united states of America.  

George W. Bush is the President of the United States of America.   George W. Bush is The president of the United States of America.
Question 6:
Select the sentence that has correct use of the plural noun.

Two woman were carrying six boxes.Two women were carrying six boxes.

Two women were carrying six box.Two womans were carrying six boxs.
Question 7:
What is the synonym of the word "Exact"?


Question 8:
What is the antonym of the word "Lucky"?


Question 9:
What is the pronoun word used in the following sentence?

Tom and Fred are good friends. They both go to same school.

Tom and FredThey

Question 10:
Select the correct verb to complete the sentence.

Julianne ______ a new pair of shoes.


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