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Question 1:
Select the sentence with the correct use of verb tense.

Andrew went to his parents' home yesterday.Andrew will go to his parents' home yesterday.

Andrew go to his parents' home yesterday.Andrew did went to his parents' home yesterday.
Question 2:
Identify the type of pronoun used in the following sentence.

There are 100 dollars for us on the table.

Subject PronounObject Pronoun

Possessive PronounIt is not a Pronoun
Question 3:
Fill in the following sentence with the correct word.

After working so hard, workers were expecting a salary ___________ ?


Question 4:
Which of the following sentence has incorrect subject-verb agreement?

June is the hottest month of the year.Jupiter and Saturn are two largest planets of the solar system.

Coalmine workers works in the dark.John plays a lot of music.
Question 5:
Identify the preposition for the following underlined phrase.

The boy with the bright red cap scored the home run.


Question 6:
Identify the Direct Object in the following sentence.

James and his brother gave me a gift.


Question 7:
What is the Synonym of Insatiable?


Question 8:
What is the Antonym of Decent?


Question 9:
What are the Comparative and Superlative forms of the adjective Bad?.

Badder & WorstWorse & Worst

Worser & WorstBadder & Baddest
Question 10:
Select the correct conjunctions to complete the following sentence.

We did not have any rain for almost a month ______ it might rain today.


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