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Grade: 1,    Subject: LanguageArts,    Topic: Reading Fiction
See the following text/image to answer questions 1 through 5
Today is Saturday. Tyra and Ruby are going to the Safari Zoo tomorrow. They are going with Ruby's grandparents. Ruby cannot wait to see Elephants and Chinese Pandas in the zoo. Tyra wants to see Asian Rhinos and Tigers. Ruby wants to take pictures of all the animals. She wants to share the pictures with her class on Monday.
Question 1:
Where are Ruby and Tyra going?


Question 2:
What day Ruby and Tyra are going to the Safari Zoo?


Question 3:
Who is going to the zoo with Ruby and Tyra?

Ruby's parentsTyra's parents

Tyra's grandparentsRuby's grandparents
Question 4:
Which animals does Ruby want to see most in the zoo?

Asian Rhinos and TigersTigers and Chinese Pandas

Chinese Pandas and ElephantsElephants and Tigers
Question 5:
With whom does Ruby want to share the animal pictures?

her parentsher neighbors

her classher grandparents
Question 6:
What did Emily finish before leaving to Daniel's house?


cookingfeeding the dog
See the following text/image to answer questions 6 through 10
I am going to Daniel's house to play with her new legos. Alexa is coming with me. We will be home before 6 o'clock. I have already finished my homework.
With Love,
Question 7:
Whom is this note written for?


Question 8:
Who do you think Alexa is?

Emily's momDaniel's mom

Emily's teacherEmily's sister
Question 9:
What does Emily want to do at Daniel's house?

play with legosdo homework

play pianoplay tennis
Question 10:
What time did Emily promise to get back to her home?

after 6 o'clockbefore 5 o'clock

after 6:30before 6 o'clock
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