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Grade: 3,    Subject: Science,    Topic:
Question 1:
How do you define the speed of an object?

distance covered in a specific spacedistance covered in a specific time

weight gained in a specific timetemperature rise in a specific color
Question 2:
If an object is in motion, it will change its


Question 3:
Which object will require most energy to move it from its position?


Question 4:
Which gas is essential for animal breathing?

Carbon dioxideNitrogen

Question 5:
What do insects eat in the food chain?

Other animalsMeat

Only waterPlants
Question 6:
Earth ______ on its axis and _______ around the Sun.

rotates , revolvesrotates , moves

fly , revolvesrevolves , rotates
Question 7:
Which planet has visible rings around it?


Question 8:
What is the effect of earth's revolution around the Sun?

It produces storms on the earth.It produces day and night on the earth.

It produces seasons on the earth.It increases the temperature of the Sun.
Question 9:
Which one is NOT a correct form of water?


Question 10:
When heated, a solid phase will turn into ________ phase .


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