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Grade: 4,    Subject: LanguageArts,    Topic: Reading Fact, Fantasy, Opinion Emotions
Question 1:
Kevin heard the opinion of many people but could not agree to anyone. He knew that the bridge is made of solid steel and it will be difficult to demolish it.

The underlined text is a:


Question 2:
After working for many hours in his garage and fixing his new flying machine, he fell asleep. He dreamt of flying with horses in purple sky. Suddenly a loud thunder woke him up.

The underlined text is a:


Question 3:
Three other leaders also wanted to attack the enemy with full force. However, the Prime Minister disagreed and said, "I think we can still solve this crisis diplomatically."

The underlined text is a:


Question 4:
This river used to be full of fish and other aquatic animals. Since the pharmaceutical companies have started dumping their waste into the river, we have seen constant decline in fish population. Chemicals from the pharmaceutical waste are killing the aquatic population.

The underlined text is a:


Question 5:
Although Akito was able to prove that, the changes in crystal structure were due to the presence of Arsenic and the heat treatment. Andrea was adamant that the changes are due to Molybdenum.

The underlined text is a:


Question 6:
Identify the emotions expressed in the underlined text!

Hunting for hours in the desert made him tired and thirsty and yet he was not able to hunt a single target. He fetched his water bottle and found it empty. He threw his gears on the ground in frustration.


Question 7:
Identify the emotions expressed in the underlined text!

"We lost once last year as well," said James, "however; this loss will have a major affect on our performance."


Question 8:
Identify the emotions expressed in the underlined text!

Phil was looking at the roller coaster and wanted to enjoy a ride. He saw a pretty girl approached him and asked, "Would you like to take a ride on the coaster?" "Yes, of course," he replied in an excited voice.


Question 9:
Identify the emotions expressed in the underlined text!

Looking at the pitch black darkness of the night, Sonya was not sure if she has enough courage to walk back to her house alone. She tried to peek through the window and saw a shadow that made her heart beat ten times faster.


Question 10:
Identify the emotions expressed in the underlined text!

They were thinking that the new house has a large lake in its backyard. When they arrived, they found that it a small puddle of water. "Is that what was described as a lake?" said Robin.


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