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Grade: 3,    Subject: LanguageArts,    Topic: Reading Fiction
See the following text/image to answer questions 1 through 5
The gardener went to the Chief of the Monkeys, and said: "Today my friends are having a holiday in the city, and I want to enjoy myself with them. Will you water the young trees so that I can go away?"

"Oh, yes!" said the Chief of the Monkeys. "We shall be glad to do that."

"Do not forget to water the trees when the sun goes down. See they have plenty of water, but not too much," said the gardener. Then he showed the Monkeys where the watering-pots were kept, and went away.

When the sun went down the Monkeys took the watering-pots, and began to water the young trees. "See that each tree has enough water," said the Chief of the Monkeys.

"How shall we know when each tree has enough?" they asked.

The Chief of the Monkeys had no good answer, so he said: "Pull up each young tree and look at the length of its roots. Give a great deal of water to those with long roots, but only a little to those trees that have short roots."

Then those stupid Monkeys pulled up all the young trees to see which trees had long roots and which had short roots. When the gardener came back the next day, the poor young trees were all dead.
Question 1:
Select an appropriate title for the this story.

The smart monkeysThe dead tree

The chief of the monkeysThe unwise monkeys
Question 2:
Who are the main characters of the above story?


Question 3:
Where did the gardener go to enjoy his holiday?

To the cityTo the jungle

To the palaceTo the mountains
Question 4:
At what time of the day were the monkeys supposed to water the trees?

When the sun risesWhen the sun goes down

In the afternoonIn the mid-night
Question 5:
What is true about the chief of the monkeys?

he was intelligenthe was lazy

he was not smarthe was irresponsible
Question 6:
Select an appropriate title for this story.

The PrinceThe Dead Tree

The Red-Bud TreeThe Magic Tree
See the following text/image to answer questions 6 through 10
The eldest prince asked the driver of the king's chariot to take him deep into the woods where the Red-Bud Tree grew. It was still very early in the spring and the tree had no leaves, nor buds. It was black and bare like a dead tree. The prince could not understand why this was called a Red-Bud Tree, but he asked no questions.

Later in the spring, the next prince went with the driver of the king's chariot to see the Red-Bud Tree. At this time it was covered with red buds.

The tree was all covered with green leaves when the third prince went into the woods a little later to see it. He asked no questions about it, but he could see no reason for calling it the Red-Bud Tree.

Some time after this the youngest prince went to see the Red-Bud Tree. By this time it was covered with little bean-pods.
Question 7:
Where did the Red-Bud Tree grow?

Inside the palaceIn the palace garden

Behind a lakeIn the woods
Question 8:
How did the Red-Bud Tree look when the eldest prince went to see it?

covered with red budsCovered with green leaves

covered with little bean-podsHad no buds and leaves
Question 9:
When did the eldest prince go to see the Red-Bud tree?

Late in the springIn the winter

Early in the springIn the summer
Question 10:
Who saw the Red-Bud Tree covered with red buds?

The second PrinceThe eldest Prince

The youngest PrinceThe third Prince
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