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Grade: 2,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Even/Odd Number
Question 1:
Find an even number.


Question 2:
What is the next odd number after 9?


Question 3:
What happens if you add an even number and an odd number?

sum will be an even numbersum will be an odd number

sum can be either odd or an even numbernone of the above
Question 4:
Molly weighs 54 pounds and her brother Eddy weighs 42 pounds. Which is an odd number?

Molly's weightEddy's weight

Question 5:
I am a two-digit mystery number. My last digit is an odd number and the first digit is an even number. Am I an even number or an odd number?

even numberodd number

bothnone of the above
Question 6:
Which number is an odd number?


Question 7:
What is the next even number after 20?


Question 8:
Find an even number from the list of numbers.
9, 11, 13, 8, 15, 19


Question 9:
Jayden wants to buy 5 bananas and divide them among two of his friends equally.
What is true about the above sentence?

He cannot divide bananas equally because 5 is an odd number.He can divide bananas equally because 5 is an even number.

He can divide bananas equally because 5 is an odd number.none of the above
Question 10:
Which option is CORRECT?

3 and 4 are an even numbers4 and 7 are an odd numbers

12 and 8 are an even numbers14 and 15 are an even numbers
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