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Grade: 6,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Angles and Triangles
Question 1:
Select the correct statement.

Two angles that equal 180 degrees are called complementary angles. Two angles that equal 360 degrees are called complementary angles.

Two angles that equal 180 degrees are called supplementary angles.Two angles that equal 90 degrees are called supplementary angles.
Question 2:
Two angles with a common vertex and a common arm are called _________.

Common anglesTwin angles

Parallel anglesAdjacent angles
Question 3:
Find the measure of angle y.


Question 4:
What are the two angles called whose sum is 90º?

Adjacent anglesLinear pair

Supplementary anglesComplementary angles
Question 5:
What is the measure of an obtuse angle?

>0º , <180º>0º , <90º

>0º , >270º>90º , <180º
Question 6:
The supplementary angle of 79 degrees is _____.


Question 7:
Every triangle has three interior angles and ____ exterior angles.


Question 8:
What angle is formed at 3 o'clock between the two hands of a clock?

Obtuse angleStraight angle

Right angle Acute angle
Question 9:
Adjacent angles whose sum is 180º, are called ________.

Complementary anglesLinear pair

Acute anglesNone
Question 10:
Which of the following is a pair of complementary angles?

65º, 25º120º, 40º

35º, 35º30º, 150º
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