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Grade: 5,    Subject: LanguageArts,    Topic: Grammar Types of pronouns
Question 1:
Which option shows personal pronouns?

that, these, this, thosewho, what, where, which

you, she, he, they, we, it, mine, yourmyself, yourself, herself, ourselves, themselves
Question 2:
Which option shows interrogative pronouns?

who, what, where, whichthis, that, these, those

him, your, mineeverybody, anybody, somebody
Question 3:
Which option shows demonstrative pronouns?

myself, yourself, herself, ourselves, themselvesMe, You, Him, Her, Them,

neither, none, nobody,this, that, these, those
Question 4:
Which option shows indefinite pronouns?

who, whom, whichanother, Someone, anyone, some

each other, one anothernobody, neither
Question 5:
Which option shows reflexive pronouns?

myself, himself, herself, yourself, ourselves, themselvesWho, Whom, Which, What, Whose

These, Those, thisEverything, Nothing, Each, someone
Question 6:
Which option shows relative pronouns?

Theirs, Ours, Its, hersI, Me, My, Mine, We, Us

Whom, Whoever, WhomeverBoth, Few, Many, Several
Question 7:
Identify the underlined pronoun.

The dancer whom I most admire will perform here tonight.

Personal PronounsDemonstrative Pronoun

Indefinite PronounsRelative Pronouns
Question 8:
Identify the underlined pronoun.

These girls are not happy with his decision.

Indefinite PronounsDemonstrative Pronoun

Interrogative Pronouns Reflexive Pronoun
Question 9:
Identify the underlined pronoun.

He himself will address the issues.

Demonstrative PronounInterrogative Pronouns

Personal PronounReflexive Pronoun
Question 10:
Identify the underlined pronoun.

Susan left her purse at the restaurant.

Relative pronounIndefinite pronoun

Personal pronounReflexive pronoun
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