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Grade: 6,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Area and perimeter of a circle
Question 1:
The distance around a circle is called its _________________.


Question 2:
Find the circumference of the circle shown below.

100.48 cm401.92 cm

145.65 cm200.96 cm
Question 3:
The circumference of a circle is 28.26 centimeters. What is the diameter?

4.5 cm9 cm

90 cm0.9 cm
Question 4:
The radius of a tire is 17 inches. What is the circumference of the tire?

96.76 inches53.38 inches

116.76 inches106.76 inches
Question 5:
A _______ connects the center to any point on the circle.


Question 6:
Find the area of a circle with diameter 18 cm.

113.04 cm 256.52 cm 2

254.34 cm 2123 cm 2
Question 7:
The diameter of a bicycle wheel is 28 inches. How far will the bicycle travel in one turn of the wheel?

56 inches14 inches

43.9687.92 inches
Question 8:
The area of a circle is 153.86 square meters. What is the radius?

49 meters7.9 meters

7 meters14 meters
Question 9:
If the radius of a wheel is 12.5 inches, how far will it travel in 4 revolutions?

3.14 inches314 inches

78.5 inches785 inches
Question 10:
Select the CORRECT statement.

The diameter is a chord.The radius is a chord.

The radius of a circle is longest distance across a circle.A chord of a circle is a ray.
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