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Grade: 3,    Subject: LanguageArts,    Topic: Reading Fiction
See the following text/image to answer questions 1 through 10

It was late in the afternoon of a long summer's day in Belgium. Father Van Hove was still at work in the harvest-field, though the sun hung so low in the west that his shadow, stretching far across the level, green plain, reached almost to the little red- roofed house on the edge of the village which was its home. Another shadow, not so long, and quite a little broader, stretched itself beside his, for Mother Van Hove was also in the field, helping her husband to load the golden sheaves upon an old blue farm-cart which stood near by.

Them were also two short, fat shadows which bobbed briskly about over the green meadow as their owners danced among the wheat- sheaves or carried handfuls of fresh grass to Pier, the, patient white farm-horse, hitched to the cart. These gay shadows belonged to Jan and Marie, sometimes called by their parents Janke and Mie, for short. Jan and Marie were the twin son and daughter of Father and Mother Van Hove, and though they were but eight years old, they were already quite used to helping their father and mother with the work of their little farm.

They knew how to feed the chickens and hunt the eggs and lead Pier to water and pull weeds in the garden. In the spring they had even helped sow the wheat and barley, and now in the late summer they were helping to harvest the grain.

The children had been in the field since sunrise, but not all of the long bright day had been given to labor. Early in the morning their father's pitchfork had uncovered a nest of field mice, and the Twins had made another nest, as much like the first as possible, to put the homeless field babies in, hoping that their mother would find them again and resume her interrupted housekeeping.

Then they had played for a long time in the tiny canal which separated the wheat-field from the meadow, where Bel, their black and white cow, was pastured. There was also Fidel, the dog, their faithful companion and friend. The children had followed him on many an excursion among the willows along the river-bank, for Fidel might at any moment come upon the rabbit or water rat which he was always seeking, and what a pity it would be for Jan and Marie to miss a sight like that!

Question 1:
What time of the year is the story about?

late winterspring

late summerAutumn
Question 2:
Father Van Hove is a ___________.


Question 3:
What was Mother Van Hove doing in the field?

helping her husband to load the golden sheaveshelping her children to feed the cows

helping her husband to sow wheat and barley seedshelping her husband to irrigate the wheat field
Question 4:
Who is Pier?

a cowa girl

a doga horse
Question 5:
Who were Jan and Marie?

the twin daughters of Father and Mother Van Hovethe twin son and daughter of Father and Mother Van Hove

the twin farm-horses of Father and Mother Van Hovethe twin grandchildren of Father and Mother Van Hove
Question 6:
How old were Jan and Marie?

Jan was 8 and Marie was 618

Question 7:
How did Jan and Marie help their parents in the farm during spring?

they harvested the cornthey helped sow the wheat and barley

they cooked dinner for their parentsthey helped clean the barnyard
Question 8:
Who were referred as "the homeless field babies" in the story?

farm horsesfarm dogs

field micebirds
Question 9:
What separated the wheat-field from the meadow?

a tiny walla lake

a ravinea canal
Question 10:
Who is referred as the children's "faithful companion and friend"?

Fidel, the dogFidel, the horse

Bel, the cowPier, the horse
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