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Question 1
Someone behaved badly means that he ________________.
A. disbehavedB. misbehaved
C. antibehavedD. unbehaved
Question 2
Something, which is not possible means that it is _________________.
A. responsibleB. unpossible
C. inpossibleD. impossible
Question 3
To not approve of something means that you __________________ it.
A. misapproveB. dissapprove
C. disapproveD. preapprove
Question 4
Someone not responsible means that he is __________________.
A. derresponsibleB. unrresponsible
C. imresponsibleD. irresponsible
Question 5
To be sad means that you are ________________.
A. unhappyB. illhappy
C. dishappyD. anhappy
Question 6
What does the prefix 'bi' mean?
A. many timesB. two times
C. few timesD. eight times
Question 7
Which prefix means 'eight'?
A. quadB. tri
C. decaD. octa
Question 8
A bag is 'reusable' means that you can ____________.
A. never use itB. throw it
C. wash itD. use it again
Question 9
What does the word 'unhurt' mean?
A. not hurtB. hurt badly
C. hurtD. sad
Question 10
What do you do if you 'replay' a CD?
A. stop itB. never play it
C. play it againD. play it for the first time
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