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Question 1
Ashley is a student of grade 6. All the students of her class are attending the picnic today. What is the probability of Ashley attending the picnic?
A. Equally likelyB. Certain
C. ImpossibleD. Likely
Question 2
Julie has her math test on Monday morning. How likely is it that Julie is attending dance class on Monday morning?
A. CertainB. Unlikely
C. Likely D. Most likely
Question 3
8 months old Rohan's parents are planning to make a trip to London, how likely is it that Rohan will accompany them?
A. Equally likelyB. Impossible
C. More likely D. Likely
Question 4
The zoo opens only on weekdays from 10.30 A.M until 9.30 P.M. How likely that Joe is will find the zoo opened on Saturday morning?
A. Impossible B. As likely as not
C. LikelyD. More likely
Question 5
A bag contains six red balls and six blue balls. The probability of drawing each ball from the bag is?
A. ImpossibleB. Certain
C. More likelyD. Equally likely
Question 6
Brad‘s school is opening in the first week of January after the Christmas holidays. How likely is it that Brad is in the school at 11 A.M on the day before his school is opening?
A. LikelyB. Impossible
C. CertainD. Unlikely
Question 7
Martin tossed a fair coin twice. What is the probability that he will get a head and a tail?
A. ½ B. ¾
C. D. 
Question 8
Tom's mom picks him up from his ‘Day Care' in the evening at 5.00 P.M on weekdays. Where should you expect Tom on Saturday afternoon?
A. Day careB. Office
C. Home D. School
Question 9
What is the probability of picking a vowel from the word "AEROPLANES"?
A. ¾B. ½
C. D. ¼
Question 10
What is the probability of tossing a number greater than 3 on a dice with numbers 1 to 6?
A. ½B. ¾
C. D. ¼
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