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The following text/image is for 1 through 10
A poor woman once lived in a little cottage with a garden in front of it. There grew two rose trees in the garden, one bearing white roses and the other red. She had two children, who were just like the two rose trees; one was called Snow-white and the other Rose-red, and they were the sweetest and best children in the world, always hard-working and always cheerful; but Snow-white was quieter and more gentle than Rose-red. Rose-red loved to run about the fields and meadows, and to pick flowers and catch butterflies; but Snow-white sat at home with her mother and helped her in the household, or read aloud to her when there was no work to do.
The two children loved each other so dearly that they always walked about hand in hand whenever they went out together, and when Snow- white said, "We will never desert each other," Rose-red answered: "No, not as long as we live"; and the mother added: "Whatever one gets she shall share with the other." They often roamed about in the woods gathering berries and no beast offered to hurt them; on the contrary, they came up to them in the most confiding manner; the little hare would eat a cabbage leaf from their hands, the deer grazed beside them, the stag would bound past them merrily, and the birds remained on the branches and sang to them with all their might.

Snow-white and Rose-red kept their mother's cottage so beautifully clean and neat that it was a pleasure to go into it. In summer Rose-red looked after the house, and every morning before her mother awoke she placed a bunch of flowers before the bed, from each tree a rose. In winter Snow-white lit the fire and put on the kettle, which was made of brass, but so beautifully polished that it shone like gold. In the evening when the snowflakes fell their mother said: "Snow-white, go and close the shutters," and they drew round the fire, while the mother put on her spectacles and read aloud from a big book and the two girls listened and sat and span. Beside them on the ground lay a little lamb, and behind them perched a little white dove with its head tucked under its wings.
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Question 1
Where did the poor woman live?
A. in a castleB. in a log-cabin
C. in a cottageD. in a mud hut
Question 2
Find an appropriate title for this story.
A. Rose-Red and the Meadows B. The Flowers
C. A Little CottageD. Snow-White and Rose-Red
Question 3
How may rose trees were there in the garden?
A. sixB. two
C. fourD. three
Question 4
Which of the following is NOT correct?
A. Snow-white was quieter and more gentle than Rose-red.B. Rose-red loved to run about the fields and meadows.
C. Rose-red was quieter and more gentle than Snow-white.D. Rose-red loved to catch butterflies.
Question 5
What did Rose-red love to do?
A. helped her mother in the householdB. read aloud to her mother
C. play with friendsD. run about the fields and meadows
Question 6
What did Snow-white and Rose-red often do in the forests?
A. gather berriesB. gather woods
C. gather plumsD. gather leaves
Question 7
What did the little hare do to Snow-white and Red-rose?
A. ate a slice of bread from their handsB. sang to them
C. grazed beside themD. ate a cabbage leaf from their hands
Question 8
What did Rose-red do in summer?
A. looked after the animals in the forestB. looked after the house
C. looked after the gardenD. fetched water from the fountain
Question 9
What did Snow-white do in winter?
A. knitted sweaters for her mother and her sisterB. placed a bunch of rose flowers before her mother's bed
C. lit the fire and put on the kettleD. helped her mother shovel the snow
Question 10
What was the kettle made of?
A. brassB. glass
C. silverD. gold
Free Worksheets From myTestBook.com ------ © myTestBook.com, Inc.

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