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Question 1
I have ______ him before.
A. hearB. heard
C. hearingD. hears
Question 2
We _____ late for the play.
A. comeB. coming
C. cameD. comes
Question 3
Jerry ______ from the cliff into the ditch.
A. fallB. falling
C. fellD. none of the above
Question 4
They have already _________ for China.
A. leaveB. leaving
C. leavesD. left
Question 5
Mary _______ me a place to stay for the night.
A. gaveB. giving
C. giveD. gone
Question 6
He _______ the subway to downtown every day.
A. ridingB. ridden
C. rideD. rides
Question 7
Have you ever ______ a bear?
A. sawB. see
C. seenD. seeing
Question 8
I have _________ this car five years ago.
A. droveB. driven
C. drivingD. drives
Question 9
Let us ________ a tower with these blocks.
A. makeB. makes
C. madeD. making
Question 10
The crowd was ______________ to the music.
A. clapB. clapped
C. clapsD. clapping
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