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The following text/image is for 1 through 5
Lake Superior

There are five great lakes in the North American continent. Lake Superior is the largest of those five Great Lakes. It is located between the United States and Canada and surrounded by the Province of Ontario, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Lake Superior covers 31,700 square miles and it is considered the largest of any freshwater lake in the world. It contains almost 3,000 cubic miles of water that is more than the total amount of water from all the other four Great Lakes. The average depth of the lake is approximately 500 feet with the deepest point of about 1,332 feet. Lake Superior also is the coldest of the Great Lakes. Lake Superior stretches approximately 350 miles from west to east, and 160 miles north to south and its shoreline is almost 2,800 miles long.
Lake Superior holds many national treasures like the Apostle Islands, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, as well as many state treasured parks and recreational areas.
Question 1
How many great lakes are there in the North American continent?
A. threeB. five
C. sixD. ten
Question 2
How much water does the Lake Superior contain?
A. 1,332 cubic milesB. 500 cubic miles
C. 2,230 cubic milesD. 3,000 cubic miles
Question 3
What is the average depth of the Lake Superior?
A. 1,000 feetB. 332 feet
C. 500 feetD. 2,800 feet
Question 4
How much area does the Lake Superior cover?
A. 3,700 square milesB. 13,700 square miles
C. 700 square milesD. 31,700 square miles
Question 5
Which fact about the Lake Superior is correct?
A. It is considered the largest of any freshwater lake in the world.B. It is the largest lake in the world.
C. It is located between the United States and Mexico.D. It is located between China and India.
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The following text/image is for 6 through 10
Kennedy Space Center

The John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is the NASA space vehicle launch facility and Launch Control Center. It is located in Florida, United States.
The project to build Kennedy Space Center started in 1962. It was named the Launch Operations Center. After the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the center was renamed the John F. Kennedy Space Center in November 1963.
In past, KSC was the launching pad for many successful programs such as Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Saturn. Today KSC is the launch site for the Space Shuttle program. The first launch from KSC was of Columbia on April 12, 1981.
There is a visitor center at KSC. The visitor center has a number of museums, two IMAX theatres. The visitor center also conducts various bus tours allowing visitors a closer look at various areas including an observation gantry on the grounds of Launch Complex 39, and to the Apollo-Saturn V Center. The observation gantry provides clear views of both launch pads and all of KSC property. The Apollo-Saturn V Center is a large museum built around its centerpiece exhibit, a restored Saturn V launch vehicle, and features other space related exhibits, including an Apollo capsule. Two IMAX theatres present the details of inside an Apollo-era firing room during an Apollo launch and the Apollo 11 landing.
Question 6
Which shuttle was launched in 1981?
A. ColumbiaB. Apollo
C. ChallengerD. Discovery
Question 7
When was the Launch Operations Center renamed?
A. December 1963B. June 1960
C. November 1963D. April 1967
Question 8
What can you see from the bus tour?
A. Apollo capsuleB. Complex 30
C. Launch Complex 39D. Columbia Launch Pad
Question 9
What was the initial name for the Kennedy Space Center?
A. Launch Space CenterB. Operations Center
C. Space Operations CenterD. Launch Operations Center
Question 10
What do the IMAX theaters at the visitor center present?
A. Simulation of Columbia shuttle launchB. Parts of the Apollo Space program
C. Movies about the KSC propertyD. Landing of Lunar Module
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