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Wango was a queer monkey in more ways than one. He liked to make mischief, or what others called mischief, though to him perhaps it was only fun. And he did not seem to like ladies. He would let boys and girls and men pet him, and make a fuss over him, but he would very seldom allow ladies to do this.
Miss Winkler, the sister of the sailor who had brought Wango from a far- off land, was one of the ladies the monkey did not like. But then she did not like Wango, and perhaps he knew this. And now it seemed that Wango was not going to like Mrs. Redden, who kept the candy shop.
And it was certain that, just then, Mrs. Redden did not like Wango; at least she did not like to have him take her candy, break the jar and scatter the jelly beans all over the shop.
"Get down, Wango!" she cried, shaking the broom at him. "Get down off that shelf right away! And give me back my lollypops!"
But Wango did not get down, and he did not give back the lollypops. He had dropped one, and this made him hold, all the more tightly, to the others. He was very fond of candy, Wango was.
"Oh dear! I'm afraid of him!" exclaimed Mrs. Redden.
"Why, he won't hurt you," said Bunny. "He's a good monkey. He lets me and Sue pet him; don't you, Wango?"
"You can't pet him now," said Sue, "he's too high up."
"Oh, but look at the funny faces he makes!" exclaimed the lady who kept the toy and candy shop.
Wango was certainly making very odd faces just then. But perhaps it was because he liked the taste of the lollypops. He had taken the paper off two of them, and had them both in his mouth at once, while his busy paws were peeling the wax covering off a third one.
Of course it was not right for Wango to put two lollypops in his mouth at once; at least it would not be nice for children to do so. But perhaps monkeys are different.
"Come down from there! Come down from that shelf!" cried Mrs. Redden, reaching up and trying to touch the monkey with the broom. I think she did not intend to hit him hard, and, anyhow, a blow from a broom does not hurt very much. Mrs. Redden thought she simply must drive Wango down. He might spoil a lot of candy.
And now, instead of making faces Wango chattered at the candy-shop lady. Oh! what a queer noise he made, showing his white teeth.
"Oh dear! oh dear!" Mrs. Redden cried. "Isn't this terrible? I never had a monkey in my candy shop before. At least not one that was loose, though an Italian organ grinder did come in with one once, on a string. But he was a good monkey."
"Wango is good, too," said Bunny. "Only I guess he is scared, now. Come on down, Wango!" called Bunny, "and I'll give you a peanut."
"Oh, yes, he'll come down for a peanut, or maybe two peanuts!" exclaimed Sue. "Wango loves peanuts. Have you any, Mrs. Redden?"
"Yes," answered the store-lady. "But I'm not going to give him peanuts, after all the candy he has taken and spoiled. Nearly half the jelly beans will be wasted, and the glass jar is broken, and he will spoil all those lollypops, too. Oh dear!" "Just give him two peanuts," said Bunny, "and that will make him come down. Then maybe he'll give back the lollypops." "Well, child, we can try it," the candy-lady said. "I can't hit him with the broom, that's sure, unless I stand on a chair, and if I do that he may reach down and pull my hair, as he did Mrs. Winkler's one day. I'll get the peanuts." She brought a handful from another show case, and gave them to Bunny, who held them up so the monkey could see them.
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Question 1
Which of the following is NOT true about Wango?
A. he would let boys, girls, and men pet himB. he would always allow ladies to pet him
C. he liked to make mischiefD. none of the above
Question 2
Who was Miss Winkler?
A. the lady who had brought WangoB. mother of the sailor who had brought Wango
C. sister of the sailor who had brought WangoD. neighbor of the sailor who had brought Wango
Question 3
Who owned the candy shop?
A. Miss WinklerB. Mrs. Ryder
C. BunnyD. Mrs. Redden
Question 4
Why did Mrs. Redden not like Wango?
A. she did not like to have him take her candies and break the jarsB. she did not like monkeys
C. she did not like to have him scare her childrenD. she did not like to have him take fruits from her shop
Question 5
Wango was very fond of _____________.
A. flowersB. peas
C. applesD. candy
Question 6
What else did Mrs. Redden have in her shop beside candies?
A. booksB. fruits
C. toysD. purses
Question 7
What was Mrs. Redden using to get Wango down?
A. peanutsB. broom
C. rocksD. a metal rod
Question 8
Who thinks Wango is a good monkey?
A. Miss WinklerB. Mrs. Redden
C. BunnyD. Mrs. Ryder
Question 9
Who offered Wango peanuts to get him down the shelf?
A. the sailorB. Mrs. Redden
C. Mrs. WinklerD. Bunny
Question 10
Whose hair did Wango pull once?
A. Mrs. Winkler'sB. Sue's
C. Mrs. Redden'sD. Bunny's
Free Worksheets From myTestBook.com ------ © myTestBook.com, Inc.

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