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Question 1
The _______ are singing and dancing.
A. womanB. women
C. womansD. womens
Question 2
The _______ were jumping over a fire circle.
A. clownB. clownes
C. clownsD. clown's
Question 3
I bought him six juice __________.
A. glasssB. glassess
C. glass'sD. glasses
Question 4
I have two more ________ to attend this month.
A. partysB. partyes
C. partiesD. party's
Question 5
Why do ________ change color in Fall?
A. leavesB. leafs
C. leafD. leafes
Question 6
Humans usually have 32 permanent ________.
A. toothB. teeths
C. toothsD. teeth
Question 7
There are 12 ______ and 15 cows in my uncle's farm.
A. sheepiesB. sheeps
C. sheepD. sheep's
Question 8
Most of the players were more than 6 ______ tall.
A. footsB. foot
C. feetsD. feet
Question 9
I have heard many ________ about her camping trips.
A. storysB. stories
C. story'sD. storries
Question 10
Jared has 32 _______ in his piggy bank.
A. penniesB. pennys
C. peniesD. pennyies
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