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Blacky the Crow is always watching for things not intended for his sharp eyes. The result is that he gets into no end of trouble which he could avoid. In this respect he is just like his cousin, Sammy Jay. Between them they see a great deal with which they have no business and which it would be better for them not to see.

Now Blacky the Crow finds it no easy matter to pick up a living when snow covers the Green Meadows and the Green Forest, and ice binds the Big River and the Smiling Pool. he has to use his sharp eyes for all they are worth in order to find enough to fill his stomach, and he will eat anything in the way of food that he can swallow. Often he travels long distances looking for food, but at night he always comes back to the same place in the Green Forest, to sleep in company with others of his family. Blacky dearly loves company, particularly at night, and about the time jolly, round, red Mr. Sun is beginning to think about his bed behind the Purple Hills, you will find Blacky heading for a certain part of the Green Forest where he knows he will have neighbors of his own kind. Peter Rabbit says that it is because Blacky's conscience troubles him so that he doesn't dare sleep alone, but Happy Jack Squirrel says that Blacky hasn't any conscience. You can believe just which you please, though I suspect that neither of them really knows.

As I have said, Blacky is quite a traveler at this time of year, and sometimes his search for food takes him to out-of-the-way places. One day toward the very last of winter, the notion entered his black head that he would have a look in a certain lonesome corner of the Green Forest where once upon a time Redtail the Hawk had lived. Blacky knew well enough that Redtail wasn't there now; he had gone south in the fall and wouldn't be back until he was sure that Mistress Spring had arrived on the Green Meadows and in the Green Forest.

Blacky flew over the tree-tops, his sharp eyes watching for something interesting below. Presently he saw ahead of him the old nest of Red-tail. He knew all about that nest. He had visited it before when Red-tail was away. Still it might be worth another visit. You never can tell what you may find in old houses. Now, of course, Blacky knew perfectly well that Redtail was miles and miles, hundreds of miles away, and so there was nothing to fear from him. But Blacky learned ever so long ago that there is nothing like making sure that there is no danger. So, instead of flying straight to that old nest, he first flew over the tree so that he could look down into it.
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Question 1
Who is Sammy Jay?
A. Blacky's brotherB. Blacky's enemy
C. Blacky's cousinD. Blacky's father
Question 2
Which is a trait of Blacky the Crow?
A. he likes to sleep aloneB. he has sharp eyes
C. he is lazyD. he loves to stay at one place
Question 3
What season of the year is the story about?
A. SpringB. Summer
C. AutumnD. Winter
Question 4
Where does Blacky the Crow live?
A. behind the Purple HillsB. in the Green Forest
C. on the Green MountainsD. in the Big River Meadows
Question 5
What happens to the Green meadows in winter?
A. it is flooded with waterB. it is covered with dry leaves
C. it is covered with insects and bugsD. it is covered with snow
Question 6
Which of the following is NOT CORRECT about Blacky the Crow?
A. he is a picky-eaterB. he will eat anything
C. he travels long distances looking for foodD. he dearly loves company
Question 7
Who is referred as "jolly, round" in the story?
A. the MoonB. Blacky the Crow
C. the SunD. Peter Rabbit
Question 8
What does Happy Jack Squirrel think about Blacky the Crow?
A. Blacky the crow has principles.B. Blacky the Crow is very caring.
C. Blacky the Crow loves them dearly.D. Blacky the Crow has no principles.
Question 9
When was Redtail the Hawk supposed to come back to his nest in the Green Forest?
A. in winterB. in spring
C. before fallD. in summer
Question 10
Why did Blacky the Crow know all about the nest of Redtail the Hawk?
A. he had visited it before when Red-tail was sickB. he had visited it before when Red-tail was away
C. Redtail had once invited him over for dinnerD. he had helped Redtail build the nest
Free Worksheets From myTestBook.com ------ © myTestBook.com, Inc.

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