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Question 1
Amanda is my sister.
A. herB. his
C. sheD. me
Question 2
Did Jim help you with your science project?
A. hisB. my
C. hersD. he
Question 3
Is this bike yours? No, it's my bike.
A. myB. mine
C. meD. I
Question 4
My sister's job is the best in the world!
A. sheB. he
C. hersD. mine
Question 5
William's dog ran after Molly and me.
A. theyB. her
C. theirD. us
Question 6
Mrs. Ericsson met the students last week.
A. themB. their
C. oursD. they
Question 7
I didn't know how to use the scanner.
A. mineB. it
C. yoursD. they
Question 8
Most of the visitors loved Anna and Tammy's crafts.
A. they'reB. them
C. theirD. that
Question 9
Paula, Janet, and I are going to the museum tonight.
A. usB. our
C. oursD. we
Question 10
I will send an anniversary gift to Mr. and Mrs. Jones.
A. theyB. us
C. themD. it
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