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Question 1
What is the probability of rolling an odd number with a dice numbered 1 through 6?
A. ½ B. ¾
C. D. ¼
Question 2
What is the probability of pulling a heart from a deck of 52 cards?
A. B. ¼
C. D. ¾
Question 3
What is the probability of drawing an even number from a deck of cards numbered 1 to 14?
A. ¼B. 
C. ½ D. ¾
Question 4
A dice is numbered 1 to 15. What is the probability of rolling a number that is 5 or below 5?
A. ¼B. 
C. D. ¾
Question 5
A fruit basket contains 6 apples, 4 bananas, 5 mangoes and 3 oranges. If a piece of fruit is picked up at random, what is the probability of getting an apple?
A. ¾ B. 
C. ¼ D. 
Question 6
A spinner with 12 equal sections is spun. Each section is numbered from 1 to 12. Find the probability of landing on an odd number?
A. 25%B. 75%
C. 100% D. 50%
Question 7
If there are 12 girls and 20 boys in a class. What is the probability that the teacher will select a girl to answer a question if she selects a student randomly?
A. B. ¼
C.  D. ¾
Question 8
Tiara has 7 blue hair pins, 8 red hair pins and 5 yellow hair pins in her vanity bag. What is the probability of pulling a yellow hair pin if she pulls it randomly?
A. ¼ B. ½
C. D. ¾
Question 9
If a letter cube with letters from 'a' through 'f' and a cube numbered 1 through 6 are rolled together, what will be the probability of getting a letter 'b' and number '2' ?
A. 1/24B. 1/36
C. 1/18D. 1/12
Question 10
What is the probability of picking a vowel from the word EXPERIMENT?
A. 1/5B. 1/10
C. 2/5 D. 3/10
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