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Question 1
The cat with big claws, jumped from the wagon.
A. jumped, wagon, bigB. wagon, big, claws
C. cat, jumped, withD. cat, claws, wagon
Question 2
I bought a new book at the Winston Bookstore in Chicago.
A. ChicagoB. Winston Bookstore, book
C. book, Winston Bookstore, ChicagoD. book
Question 3
Julie went with her mother to Rockport Mall on Friday.
A. Julie, mother, Rockport Mall, FridayB. Friday, with, went
C. Julie, Rockport Mall, FridayD. Julie, Friday, went
Question 4
Eric invited all his friends of the barnyard to his party.
A. Eric, friends, barnyard, partyB. invited, barnyard, party, all
C. Eric, friends, barnyard,D. Eric, friends, barnyard, party, his, all
Question 5
Alexander was the youngest of William's four sons.
A. was, theB. Alexander, William, sons
C. four, sons, AlexanderD. William, four, of
Question 6
Maria declared that the Sun kept a garage behind the Jolly Hill.
A. declared, keptB. kept, Sun, Maria
C. Maria, Sun, garage, Jolly HillD. Maria, behind, that
Question 7
The watch dad gave Marilyn for her birthday is on the table.
A. Marilyn, table, gaveB. watch, dad, Marilyn, birthday, table
C. her, gave, for, dad, on, tableD. watch, dad, Marilyn,
Question 8
The post office is located on Bell Boulevard.
A. Bell BoulevardB. located
C. is, post officeD. post office, Bell Boulevard
Question 9
There were three bills and ten coins in his pocket.
A. there, coins, hisB. bills, coins, pocket, his
C. bills, coinsD. bills, coins, pocket
Question 10
In July, our class is going to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
A. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, goingB. class, Great Smoky Mountains National Park
C. July, class, going, to, ourD. July, class, Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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