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Ancient city of Sparta was a state with a very strong military and a government. The primary language of the Sparta was Doric Greek. They had Monarchy system of government. In this form of government, a single person rules the county. This person referred as monarch, holds the ruling position for life. Monarch then passes the responsibilities and power of the position to their children or family when they die.

Sparta was known as one of the strongest city-states in Greece. Only the strongest survived in Sparta, male or female. Spartans trained their citizens in military art at a very young age. Young Spartans were taken from their homes at the age of seven to begin a military life. The Spartans became soldiers at age 20, citizens at age 30, and retired at age 60. Men trained hard to become warriors of the Spartan army. Women were encouraged to keep healthy so that they could give birth to fit babies.

Sparta enslaved the people of Messenia around 640-620 BC. These slaves later became known as the Helots. Most of the times the there were many more Helots then their Spartan. They rebelled often, but never able to defeat their masters.

Modern day city named Sparta is a city in Greece. It is located at the southern end of the central Laconian plain, on the right bank of the Eurotas River.
Question 1
What was the primary language of Sparta?
A. GermanB. French
C. PersianD. Greek
Question 2
Where is modern day Sparta located?
A. TurkeyB. France
C. GreeceD. Indonesia
Question 3
At what age did the Spartans begin their military life?
A. seventeenB. twenty
C. sevenD. thirty
Question 4
Who were the Helots?
A. slaves from SpartaB. slaves from Athens
C. slaves from OlympiaD. slaves from Messenia
Question 5
Which of these does not happen in Monarchy?
A. a single person rules the countryB. the monarch holds the ruling position for 4-8 years
C. the monarch holds the ruling position for lifeD. the monarch passes the power of the position to their children or family when they die
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The following text/image is for 6 through 10

City of Franklin

The City of Franklin was founded October 26, 1799. It is located in the Williamson County in the state of Tennessee. The city was named after Benjamin Franklin.

Prior to the American Civil War (1861-1865), Williamson County was one of the wealthiest counties in Tennessee and Franklin was a prosperous city. The Civil War devastated the economy. Union troops from the North occupied the area for nearly three years. The Battle of Franklin was fought on November 30, 1864. This battle claimed more than 8,000 lives and turned every home and building in town into a hospital. It took almost 120 years for the city's economy to reach pre-war levels.

Today, Franklin is one of the wealthiest cities in one of the wealthiest counties in the United States. Franklin has grown from a very small, agricultural community into a strong blend of residential, commercial and corporate citizens.

Downtown of the City of Franklin has a beautiful 15 block historic district. The downtown reflects a distinct Southern hospitality. It has a 200 years old rich history to display through its historic buildings and monuments. Downtown Franklin offers elegant shopping, restaurants, antique shops, a variety of clothing stores, art galleries, professional services, and more.
Question 6
When did American Civil War occur?
A. 1867-1871B. 1856-1865
C. 1861-1865D. 1860-1869
Question 7
When was the Battle of Franklin fought?
A. 1864B. 1881
C. 1846D. 1879
Question 8
Where is the City of Franklin located?
A. in the Benjamin CountyB. in the Franklin County
C. in the Civil CountyD. in the Williamson County
Question 9
The City of Franklin was named after __________________.
A. Franklin D. RooseveltB. Benjamin Franklin
C. Aretha Louise FranklinD. Abraham Lincoln
Question 10
Who occupied the City of Franklin during Civil War?
A. Union troops from the NorthB. Union troops from the West
C. Indians from the SouthD. Union troops from Europe
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