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Question 1
All the _____________ had red bows on them.
A. dressB. dresses
C. dressiesD. dress's
Question 2
I bought six __________.
A. glassesB. glass
C. glassiesD. glass's
Question 3
The ________ were fighing over a kite.
A. boiesB. boy's
C. boyiesD. boys
Question 4
He filled both his ___________ with marbles.
A. pocketiesB. pocket's
C. pocketsD. pocketess
Question 5
I helped my sister clean the _________.
A. dishsB. dishies
C. dishesD. dishess
Question 6
The book has a collection of ten short ___________.
A. storysB. storyes
C. storyiesD. stories
Question 7
There were few __________ for the winners.
A. priziesB. prizes
C. prizsD. prizess
Question 8
Jason saw two ___________in his backyard.
A. snakeB. snaks
C. snakesD. snakies
Question 9
John packed the oranges into three big _________.
A. boxesB. boxs
C. boxiesD. boxess
Question 10
The chairs and _________ were arranged in four rows.
A. tablessB. tablies
C. tablsD. tables
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