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Question 1
The dancers _________ not ready yet.
A. wasB. are
C. hadD. has
Question 2
Most people know that exercise _________ muscles strong.
A. keepingB. kept
C. keepsD. none of the above
Question 3
They ____________ a new car last month.
A. buyB. buys
C. buyingD. bought
Question 4
Last winter, the city ___ the biggest snowfall.
A. hadB. is
C. wasD. have
Question 5
When Mary arrived, the party __________ already finished.
A. hasB. am
C. havingD. had
Question 6
I __________ seen many of his shows on TV.
A. hasB. having
C. didD. have
Question 7
I was ____________ a great time with her father, when she arrived home.
A. haveB. having
C. hasD. had
Question 8
The movie ________ very interesting in beginning.
A. hasB. had
C. wasD. are
Question 9
What _____ you doing at the weekend?
A. areB. was
C. haveD. had
Question 10
I _______ been waiting for an hour when the train arrived.
A. hasB. will
C. hadD. was
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