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I was born October 29, 1880, in a room in John Brown's farm-house in the town of North Elba, Essex County, New York, not many miles from the famous resort of Lake Placid and almost in sight of the world-renowned Mount Van Hoevenburg Bobsled Run.

My first nine years were lived in the village of Lake Placid and I've watched it grow through the years from a small hamlet with only one school, two stores, one church, and a blacksmith shop until now, with a full-time mayor and world-renown.

I started school when I was six and had to walk more than a mile to the one-room schoolhouse where there were over thirty boys and girls of all ages. We had separate recesses as there was only one toilet and that was small and across the yard from the schoolhouse. The teacher believed in the "hickory stick" method of teaching and I was afraid of him.

The next year I went to a select school nearer home in the top floor of a boathouse on the shore of Mirror Lake. After two years there the first schoolhouse was built in the village of Lake Placid and I had only to run across the road to be in the school yard.

That one-room building was soon outgrown and additions were made until now it has grown into one of the largest central schools in the county.

My father was an Adirondack guide and told us some interesting experiences of his life in the woods. He told about taking a party of college boys up Mount Marcy once on July 7th and they found a large drift of snow and had a snowball fight. Years after, he picked up a hitchhiker and the man told him about the snowball fight he had once had on Mount Marcy in July with some of his college mates. He was surprised when Dad said that he remembered the occasion.

Later my father bought a small steamboat and took the city people on excursions around Lake Placid. During the winter months he earned whatever he could, doing any work he could find. One winter he ran a shingle machine at the sawmill. He worked at night as the machine couldn't operate if the sawmill was working. He received fifty cents for the night.

My mother loved flowers and had a lot of them. In fact she was the first florist in Lake Placid and sold many flowers to the city visitors.

The year that Grover Cleveland was married he came to Lake Placid on his honeymoon and stayed at the Grand View Hotel. Of course everyone went to see the president. My mother couldn't go as she was pregnant and in those days a pregnant woman stayed at home, so she fixed three bouquets (corsages) and my father took them to the hotel for President and Mrs. Cleveland and her mother who was with them. They wore them at the big ball that was given for them that night, and the next day the three of them came to thank my mother for the flowers and to admire her garden. There was a great demand that year for sweet peas, nasturtiums, and double poppies as they were the flowers worn by the president's party.

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Question 1
Where was the author born?
A. in town of KeeneB. in town of Lake Placid
C. in town of North HudsonD. in town of North Elba
Question 2
How many years did the author live in the village of Lake Placid?
A. sixB. nine
C. threeD. ten
Question 3
Why the author's school had separate recesses for students?
A. because there were too many studentsB. because there was only one small play ground
C. because the school had only one teacherD. because the school had only one small toilet
Question 4
How does the author describe his teacher?
A. very strictB. friendly
C. politeD. not smart
Question 5
What was located on the top floor of the boathouse on the shore of Mirror Lake?
A. house author lived in for six yearsB. one of the school author attended as a child
C. author's grandfather's houseD. office where author's father worked
Question 6
What was author's father?
A. an engineerB. a player
C. a guideD. a teacher
Question 7
What did author's father buy?
A. a houseboatB. a canoe
C. a pontoon boatD. a steamboat
Question 8
How much money did author's father receive for working at the sawmill?
A. fifty-five cents for the nightB. fifty dollars for the night
C. five dollars for the nightD. fifty cents for the night
Question 9
Which of the following fact is CORRECT about author's mother?
A. she was the first florist in Lake PlacidB. she was the first florist in New York
C. she was the first guide in Lake PlacidD. she was the first steamboat owner in Lake Placid
Question 10
Why couldn't author's mother go to see the president?
A. because she was sickB. because she was busy at her shop
C. because she was pregnantD. because she had to take care of her children at home
Free Worksheets From myTestBook.com ------ © myTestBook.com, Inc.

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