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Question 1
Martha has been _________ piano for two hours.
A. playedB. plays
C. playingD. play
Question 2
So far, it has ___________ for six hours.
A. snowsB. snowed
C. snowD. snowing
Question 3
Scientists have __________ nearly a thousand different dinosaur species.
A. identifyB. identifying
C. identifiesD. identified
Question 4
Extinction __________ an important role in the distribution of organisms.
A. playingB. play
C. playsD. playful
Question 5
Has it _______________ snowing since the show started?
A. beenB. be
C. wasD. have
Question 6
How long had Jenna been ______________ for the flight to take off?
A. waitsB. waited
C. waitD. waiting
Question 7
Most of the first Triassic dinosaurs ________ small and quick meat-eaters.
A. wasB. were
C. haveD. been
Question 8
The show has been __________ due to bad weather.
A. cancelB. cancelled
C. cancelsD. cancelling
Question 9
By next Monday, I will __________ received my first paycheck.
A. hasB. be
C. beenD. have
Question 10
Tammy will have been ____________ for ten hours by the time you pick her up.
A. workingB. worked
C. worksD. work
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