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Question 1
He slowly puts the clock back into its box.
A. backB. slowly
C. itsD. box
Question 2
He usually gets good grades in Math.
A. goodB. grades
C. MathD. usually
Question 3
I called them yesterday.
A. yesterdayB. called
C. themD. none of the above
Question 4
Julia quickly ran to the grocery store.
A. ranB. grocery
C. quicklyD. store
Question 5
She orders Chinese food daily.
A. ordersB. Chinese
C. SheD. daily
Question 6
Lately, she is not coming to her piano classes.
A. comingB. Lately
C. classesD. piano
Question 7
Simon arrives late for most of the meetings.
A. mostB. meetings
C. arrivesD. late
Question 8
He waited for me outside the gym.
A. outsideB. waited
C. gymD. for
Question 9
We happily accepted Mr. Peterson's invitation.
A. invitationB. We
C. happilyD. all of the above
Question 10
Mathew left the party early because he had to drive his mother to airport.
A. airportB. left
C. earlyD. drive
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