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Question 1
A _______________ is the name of a particular person, place or thing.
A. common nounB. proper noun
C. collective nounD. verb
Question 2
______________ are the names of things in general.
A. Proper nounsB. Collective nouns
C. AdjectivesD. Common nouns
Question 3
A _______________ is the name given to a group of things
A. proper nounB. common noun
C. collective nounD. verb
Question 4
Which is a proper noun?
A. CountryB. City
C. JapanD. House
Question 5
Which is a common noun?
A. Bell RoadB. China
C. ArizonaD. Street
Question 6
Which is a collective noun?
A. AnimalB. Sad
C. HerdD. Chair
Question 7
Which is a proper noun?
A. OrlandoB. Mrs. Miller
C. University of MichiganD. all of the above
Question 8
Which is a common noun?
A. The Taj MahalB. Daisy
C. TableD. Tuesday
Question 9
Which is a collective noun?
A. Jenna's Pizza PlaceB. team
C. beforeD. Rockport Mall
Question 10
Which is a proper noun?
A. NorwayB. Brother
C. RoomD. Book
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