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Question 1
The show will be broadcasted tonight.
A. showB. will
C. broadcastedD. tonight
Question 2
He turned to him angrily.
A. turnedB. him
C. heD. angrily
Question 3
Mr. Walia asked us to go upstairs.
A. upstairsB. asked
C. usD. to
Question 4
Amelia sang very loudly.
A. AmeliaB. sang
C. loudlyD. very
Question 5
He gets up early every morning.
A. everyB. morning
C. getsD. early
Question 6
He was talking quietly to his friend.
A. friendB. quietly
C. hisD. talking
Question 7
She often comes here to buy groceries.
A. comesB. often
C. groceriesD. buy
Question 8
We get this magazine monthly.
A. magazineB. this
C. monthlyD. get
Question 9
Arnold has left his glasses somewhere.
A. somewhereB. Arnold
C. leftD. glasses
Question 10
Sally never comes to the community meetings.
A. comesB. never
C. communityD. meetings
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