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Question 1
Jason bought a bag of cookies for my dog.
A. bought, JasonB. Jason, my, bought
C. Jason, bag, cookies, dogD. bought, for, my
Question 2
We visited the Eiffel Tower.
A. Eiffel TowerB. We
C. visited, Eiffel TowerD. we, the, visited
Question 3
Paula's watch is on the table.
A. Paula, table, isB. table, the, is
C. Paula, on, the, isD. Paula, watch, table
Question 4
Mr. Lewis moved to Virginia with his daughter.
A. Mr. Lewis, moved, Virginia, daughterB. Mr. Lewis, Virginia, daughter
C. daughter, moved, with, Mr. LewisD. to, his, with
Question 5
I love my house because it is close to the CN Tower.
A. CN Tower, becauseB. close, house, my
C. it, the, to, ID. house, CN Tower
Question 6
My dentist gave me a toothbrush.
A. my, meB. dentist, me
C. dentist, toothbrushD. gave
Question 7
Bobby saw a snake behind the bushes.
A. Bobby, snake, bushesB. Bobby, snake,
C. snake, bushes, behindD. behind, saw
Question 8
The necklace Maria gave Emma for her birthday is in the closet.
A. necklace, Maria, Emma, gaveB. necklace, Maria, gave, her
C. gave, is, in, Emma, closetD. necklace, Maria, Emma, birthday, closet
Question 9
Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun.
A. JupiterB. is, planet, Sun
C. from, is, planetD. Jupiter, planet, Sun
Question 10
Red kangaroos hop along on their powerful hind legs.
A. legs, hop, redB. kangaroos, legs
C. red, powerful, kangaroosD. kangaroos, along, hind
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