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Question 1
I need ripened bananas to make banana bread.
A. breadB. bananas
C. ripenedD. need
Question 2
I bought an expensive pair of shoes from the mall.
A. shoesB. expensive
C. boughtD. mall
Question 3
Albert and Luke swung themselves over the ledge and slid down into the murky cave where Alberich lived.
A. swungB. murky
C. slid downD. lived
Question 4
He was born in a wood cabin near Hodgenville, Kentucky.
A. wood, nearB. near
C. bornD. Kentucky
Question 5
The long, scaly rock looked similar to a snake body.
A. dragonB. rock
C. long, scalyD. similar
Question 6
A dry wind slowly picked up some fallen leaves and swirled them around.
A. fallen, windB. wind
C. dry, fallenD. swirled
Question 7
Jerry looked at the empty can and wondered who drank it.
A. JerryB. looked
C. wonderedD. empty
Question 8
The large family of little black dwarfs lived under the river.
A. dwarfs, riverB. large, little, black
C. river, largeD. family, black
Question 9
The ship was steaming through calm waters of the Arctic Ocean.
A. calmB. steaming
C. shipD. ship, calm
Question 10
Samuel pulled out a dirty clay pipe from his pocket.
A. pipe, SamuelB. pocket
C. pulled, clayD. dirty, clay
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