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Question 1
The circus is coming to our city in June.
A. EnglishB. Bird
C. NorfolkD. Language
Question 2
The ship was 882 feet long and as high as an eleven-story building.
A. StudentB. Titanic
C. News WeekD. Madagascar
Question 3
Mrs. Jane Dorris won the state by 1,000 votes.
A. HerdB. Sun
C. OfficeD. Michigan
Question 4
A man gave me directions to the City Hall.
A. GeorgeB. Washington
C. CattleD. Building
Question 5
I will travel to Florida next month.
A. CityB. June
C. RoomD. Hot
Question 6
She can speak the language very well.
A. StarB. Company
C. AppleD. Spanish
Question 7
My parents bought a car last month.
A. AprilB. President John Adam
C. Ford MustangD. Governor
Question 8
Jimmy asked his brother to clean his room.
A. MichaelB. Cat
C. LibraryD. George Town Museum
Question 9
The children are playing outside.
A. March and AprilB. Jane, Maria, and David
C. MovieD. Hidden Valley Park
Question 10
We drove through the bridge during our trip to Missouri.
A. PencilB. Samantha
C. Broadway BridgeD. Monday
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