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Question 1
Arnold packed the breakable plates in the wooden box.
A. packed, woodenB. plates
C. box, ArnoldD. breakable, wooden
Question 2
She opened the packet and filled her mouth with gooey stuff.
A. gooeyB. filled
C. mouthD. stuff
Question 3
She threw the rotten vegetables into the trashcan.
A. vegetablesB. rotten
C. threwD. trashcan
Question 4
My puppy didn't like the salty crackers.
A. crackersB. puppy
C. saltyD. my
Question 5
He likes eating raw vegetables and boiled eggs.
A. eggsB. eating, boiled
C. likes, vegetablesD. raw, boiled
Question 6
Those chocolate cookies were delicious.
A. cookies, deliciousB. chocolate, delicious
C. thoseD. were, delicious
Question 7
Annie spilled juice on my expensive rug.
A. rugB. spilled
C. expensiveD. Annie
Question 8
The squirrel chooses a quiet spot to make her home.
A. spotB. squirrel
C. homeD. quiet
Question 9
They use their pointed teeth to hold on to prey.
A. teethB. prey
C. pointedD. all of the above
Question 10
The walls were decorated with colorful pictures.
A. colorfulB. walls
C. picturesD. with
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