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Question 1
Texas is the second ___________ U.S. state in both area and population.
A. largeB. larger
C. largestD. none of the above
Question 2
Alex is 11 and Jane is 9. Alex is ___ than Jane.
A. olderB. more old
C. oldestD. more older
Question 3
Of all the students in the class, Jamie is the _________.
A. smarterB. smartest
C. smartD. most smart
Question 4
Atlanta is ___________ than New York City.
A. hottestB. hot
C. hotterD. most hotter
Question 5
Ham Burgers are _____________ in U.S and Canada.
A. most popularestB. more popular
C. popularestD. popularer
Question 6
I believe that dogs are the _____________ pets of all.
A. wonderfulB. more wonderful
C. wonderfullestD. most wonderful
Question 7
Mr. Timothy Ford is the ______________ Vice President of our company.
A. more latestB. latest
C. laterD. most latest
Question 8
Robert is rich, but Federer is ______________.
A. most richestB. more rich
C. more richerD. richer
Question 9
This is the __________ car I have ever driven.
A. fasterB. more faster
C. fastD. fastest
Question 10
The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge has the ___________ span of any bridge.
A. largestB. large
C. largerD. most larger
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