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Question 1
The comparative of fine is:
A. finestB. finer
C. more fineD. more finest
Question 2
The superlative of creamy is:
A. more creamiestB. more creamy
C. creamierD. creamiest
Question 3
The superlative of heavy is:
A. heavyestB. most heavy
C. heaviestD. more heavyest
Question 4
The comparative of wise is:
A. wiserB. wisest
C. more wiseD. most wisest
Question 5
The superlative of careful is:
A. more carefulB. carefuller
C. carefullestD. most careful
Question 6
The comparative of angry is:
A. angriestB. angrier
C. more angriestD. most angry
Question 7
The superlative of thoughtful is:
A. most thoughtfulB. thoughtfuller
C. more thoughtfulD. thoughtfullest
Question 8
The comparative of narrow is:
A. narrowestB. more narrowest
C. more narrowD. narrower
Question 9
The superlative of little is:
A. lessB. lesser
C. leastD. more little
Question 10
The comparative of generous is:
A. generousestB. most generous
C. generouserD. more generous
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