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Question 1
That movie was boring.
A. movieB. boring
C. thatD. was
Question 2
The suspension bridge is built on the Mississippi River.
A. suspensionB. bridge
C. builtD. Mississippi River
Question 3
First, I tried to solve the easy questions.
A. questionsB. tried
C. solveD. easy
Question 4
The giant pandas are found in the bamboo forests of China.
A. foundB. forests, China
C. giant, bambooD. bamboo, China
Question 5
Spring water is stored in plastic bottles.
A. water, bottlesB. bottle
C. spring, plasticD. stored, plastic
Question 6
Julia wrapped the diamond bracelet in a fancy paper.
A. Julia, paperB. diamond
C. wrappedD. diamond, fancy
Question 7
Amanda's mother gives her a weekly allowance.
A. allowanceB. weekly
C. AmandaD. mother
Question 8
There is a three-story building behind the fresh-vegetable market.
A. three-story, fresh-vegetableB. three-story,
C. building, marketD. market
Question 9
That monthly magazine had funny stories for little children.
A. magazine, littleB. funny, little, children
C. children, funnyD. monthly, funny, little
Question 10
The old man handed me a torn and faded letter of his best friend.
A. old, torn, friend, manB. best, friend, letter
C. old, torn, faded, bestD. friend, man, letter
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