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Question 1
Which describes a noun or a pronoun?
A. VerbB. Adjective
C. AdverbD. All of the above
Question 2
_________ is a word that modifies a verb, an adjective, or an adverb.
A. An adjectiveB. A noun
C. A pronounD. An adverb
Question 3
Which sentence has an adverb?
A. He is a careful driver.B. He drove the car carefully.
C. She is pretty.D. He is a quick learner.
Question 4
Which sentence has an adjective?
A. Maggie is a brilliant student.B. She sang beautifully.
C. She was terribly loud.D. She sat there quietly.
Question 5
Which sentence has an adverb?
A. The songs were silly.B. That tall boy was a bully.
C. The bus came immediately.D. Jason is wiser than Kyle.
Question 6
Which sentence has both an adjective and an adverb?
A. He was completely shocked.B. The fat puppy looked at me excitedly.
C. It is a fast computer.D. The bird flew high.
Question 7
Which sentence has an adverb?
A. The roads were muddy.B. She has curly hair.
C. Jill is the richest girl in our school.D. None of the above
Question 8
Identify adverb in the following sentence.

She sat comfortably on the red leather sofa.
A. sofaB. red
C. leatherD. comfortably
Question 9
Identify adjective in the following sentence.

David came home from the field trip with a dirty jacket.
A. DavidB. jacket
C. dirtyD. home
Question 10
Which of these sentences does not contain an adverb?
A. The test was easy.B. The music played slowly.
C. He passed the test easily.D. I see him daily.
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