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Question 1
I don't want to send Sandy an email ________ she never responds.
A. unlessB. for
C. becauseD. while
Question 2
I haven't heard from Mrs. Graham _______ she quit the job.
A. althoughB. until
C. yetD. since
Question 3
______ she told the incident everyone laughed.
A. OfB. As
C. ForD. So
Question 4
Submit the forms _____ you are finished.
A. whenB. but
C. whetherD. or
Question 5
_____ the package is mailed today, you will receive it by Friday.
A. OfB. So
C. AndD. If
Question 6
The boxes will arrive ______ today or a tomorrow.
A. whileB. because
C. eitherD. when
Question 7
______ Andy and Lee worked at the factory.
A. OfB. So
C. OrD. Both
Question 8
We are trying to decide _______ to support the Republicans or to support the Democrats.
A. whileB. nor
C. whetherD. so
Question 9
I haven't driven in snow before, ________ I feel a little nervous.
A. ifB. for
C. afterD. so
Question 10
The children were cute, _____ very naughty.
A. ifB. but
C. forD. so
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