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Question 1
Identify the complete subject.

Denzel and his sister came here yesterday.
A. DenzelB. came
C. came here yesterday D. Denzel and his sister
Question 2
Identify the complete subject.

The house behind the lake belongs to my uncle.
A. belongs to my uncle B. house
C. The house behind the lakeD. lake
Question 3
Identify the complete subject.

Angie and Sarah were talking quietly.
A. were talking quietly B. Angie and Sarah
C. talkingD. quietly
Question 4
Identify the complete subject.

The third and fourth graders were not allowed to participate.
A. The third and fourth gradersB. were not allowed to participate
C. allowed to participateD. participate
Question 5
Identify the complete subject.

My friend Perry helped me with the lawn.
A. PerryB. helped me with the lawn
C. with the lawnD. My friend Perry
Question 6
Identify the complete predicate.

Paula and I sat on the floor.
A. floorB. Paula and I
C. sat on the floorD. sat
Question 7
Identify the complete predicate.

Our teacher Mrs. Collins gave us books to read.
A. books to readB. gave us books to read
C. gaveD. Our teacher Mrs. Collins
Question 8
Identify the complete predicate.

Tommy's cat spilled popcorn on the table.
A. Tommy's catB. spilled popcorn on the table
C. popcorn on the tableD. table
Question 9
Identify the complete predicate.

My brother lost his homework folder.
A. My brotherB. folder
C. his homework folderD. lost his homework folder
Question 10
Identify the complete predicate.

Dexter and his friends waited for over an hour.
A. waited for over an hourB. Dexter and his friends
C. for over an hourD. over an hour
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