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Question 1
It was late ____ the afternoon of a long summer's day.
A. atB. in
C. onD. by
Question 2
They had rested under a tree ____ the little river.
A. byB. between
C. aboutD. towards
Question 3
It was just ___ this moment that Maggie came to the door.
A. onB. by
C. atD. to
Question 4
She ran back ___ the kitchen.
A. overB. on
C. forD. to
Question 5
The house will be built ____ a hill.
A. inB. to
C. onD. about
Question 6
He started playing golf _____ the age of 11.
A. inB. to
C. ofD. at
Question 7
Mom looked straight ______ my eyes.
A. intoB. of
C. orD. over
Question 8
Blacky the Crow is always watching _____ things not intended for his sharp eyes
A. ofB. for
C. inD. with
Question 9
How far is the hotel _______ the airport?
A. overB. until
C. fromD. by
Question 10
The pharmacy is closed for lunch ___________ 11.30 and 12:30.
A. betweenB. to
C. withD. into
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