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Question 1
I saw ____ movie yesterday.
A. anB. a
C. toD. none of the above
Question 2
I saw ____ elephant in the zoo.
A. anB. a
C. could be "a" or "an"D. none of the above
Question 3
My brother saw _____ long snake.
A. andB. an
C. aD. none of the above
Question 4
I am ___ American citizen.
A. aB. an
C. theD. none of the above
Question 5
I read ____ book about Abraham Lincoln.
A. aB. an
C. atD. none of the above
Question 6
May I have ____ egg for breakfast?
A. aB. an
C. orD. none of the above
Question 7
Jerry ate ____ ice cream last night.
A. aB. and
C. anD. none of the above
Question 8
She went to Japan _____ March.
A. aB. an
C. andD. none of the above
Question 9
I am eating ____ apple.
A. aB. on
C. anD. and
Question 10
There was ____ giant tree near the lake.
A. aB. an
C. orD. on
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