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Question 1
Which of the following is the largest value?
A. 55% of 1B.  of 1
C. 0.055D. 18% of 1
Question 2
Which of the following value is the smallest?
A. 25 % of 100B. 50 % of 100
C.  of 100D.  of 100
Question 3
Which of the following is larger than 0.85?
A. B. 
C. D. 
Question 4
There were 1000 marbles in a store. Mark bought 25% of the total marbles. Steve bought th of the total marbles. John bought 0.3 times of the total marbles. Who has the most marbles?
A. MarkB. Steve
C. JohnD. Mark and Steve
Question 5
Put these values in correct decreasing (descending) order.
, 0.57, , 40%.
A. , 40%, 0.57, .B. , 0.57, , 40%.
C. 0.57, 40%, , .D. 0.57,, 40%, .
Question 6
Which decimal and percent are equivalent to ?
A. 0.115, 12.25%B. 0.5, 12%
C. 1.25, 12.5%D. 0.125, 12.5%
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Question 7
Which is less than 0.05?
A. B. 
C. 3%D. 30%
Question 8
The table shows states and the portion of their population that is earning more than $30,000/year.
Which option lists the states in order from least to greatest portion of the population earning more than $30,000/year?
A. Maryland, Virginia, Colorado, Georgia, OhioB. Georgia, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, Colorado
C. Georgia, Virginia, Colorado, Ohio, MarylandD. Georgia, Ohio, Maryland, Colorado, Virginia
Question 9
How do you write 91.2% as a decimal?
A. 9.12B. 0.9012
C. 0.912D. 91.2
Question 10
Which of the following is equal to 0.0273?
A. 2.73%B. 27.3%
C. 0.273%D. 20.73%
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