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Question 1
Debbie bought the following items: A bag for $39.95, a DVD Player for $129.99 and an organizer for $85.99. If she had $300 before shopping, how much money will she have left after buying the above items?
A. $14.07B. $44.27
C. $44.07D. $44.80
Question 2
Annie purchased $109.35 in groceries at a store. How much change will she receive from six $20 bills?
A. $11.65B. $10.05
C. $9.65D. $10.65
Question 3
Ian has $130. he wants to buy a jacket that costs $78.95, a wallet that costs $18.95, and a pant that costs $38.95. Does he have enough money? If not, about how much more does he need?
A. No, he needs $3.85 more.B. No, he needs $6.85 more.
C. No, he needs $8.95 more.D. Yes
Question 4
265 − (67.45 + 103.03 + 93.04) = ________.
A. 0.48B. 1.08
C. 1.29D. 1.48
Question 5
289.34 − 106.03 = ?
A. 130.31B. 183.31
C. 184.31D. 183.03
Question 6
On a General Knowledge Test, Kimberly scored 128.04 points, Ryan scored 98.09 points, and Bill scored 113.03 points. How many more points did Kimberly score than Bill?
A. 15.91B. 15.01
C. 29.95D. 28.95
Question 7
On Sunday, Kela has $425.82 in her account. She deposited $236.45 more in her account on Monday and $108.05 on Tuesday. She made a withdrawal of $295.35 on Wednesday. How much does she have in her account on Thursday?
A. $774.97B. $374.97
C. $474.97D. $474.07
Question 8

34.28 − (−12.09)
A. 46.37B. 22.18
C. 23.29D. 45.47
Question 9
Eric has four times as much money as Ronald. If Eric has $167.48, how much money does Ronald have?
A. $42.87B. $41.87
C. $87.34D. $40.56
Question 10
Martin has a 26.28 feet long piece of wood. He cuts it into pieces that are each 4.38 feet long. How many pieces of wood did Martin get?
A. 5B. 9
C. 8D. 6
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