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Question 1
Which option shows 4500000 in scientific notation?
A. 4.5 × 107B. 45 × 106
C. 0.45 × 106D. 4.5 × 106
Question 2
Angle XYZ and angle WYZ are Supplementary Angles. Angle XYZ is 60o. Find the value of angle WYZ.
A. 40oB. 30o
C. 120oD. 140o
Question 3
Amy ran for miles on Monday, miles on Tuesday and miles on Wednesday. How many miles did she run in three days?
A. B. 
C. D. 
Question 4
What is the slope of line shown in the graph?
A. 3B. 1.5
C. 2D. 4
Question 5
Write the following expression as an algebraic expression.

The square of a number n, increased by 9.
A. n2 + 9B. 2n + 9
C. n2 + 9D. n9 + 2
Question 6
Which property of multiplication is shown here?

5×(40 + 3) = 5×(40) + 5×(3)
A. IdentityB. Zero
C. DistributiveD. Associative
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Question 7
Regular price of a vase was $80. After receiving a discount, Marty paid $56 for that vase. How much discount did he get?
A. 60%B. 30%
C. 50%D. 25%
Question 8
Solve the following equation for x.

2x − 16 = 2
A. x = 18B. x = 20
C. x = 8D. x = 9
Question 9
An ice-cream slab, as shown in picture, was divided equally among 5 kids. Calculate the volume of the ice-cream each kid received.
A. 320 cm3B. 256 cm3
C. 1280 cm3D. 640 cm3
Question 10
Larry invested $12,000 in an account at 5.5% annual simple interest, how long will it take his account balance to grow to $13,320?
A. 3 yearsB. 2 years
C. 20 monthsD. 15 months
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