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Question 1
According to the 200 Census, the population of the Unites States of America was 281,421,906. 68.34% of the population lived inside the urbanized areas. 10.67% of the population lived inside the urban clusters. Rest lived in the rural area.

What was the population of the rural areas in 2000?
A. 28,142,190B. 44,142,190
C. 59,070,458D. 118,140,916
Question 2
Two samples, Sample A and Sample B, were tested in a lab for red blood cell (RBC) count. In Sample A, RBC count was 4.9 million/micro liter. Ration RBC count in Sample A and Sample B is 7:4 .

What is the RBC count in the Sample B?
A. 2.8 million/micro literB. 8.575 million/micro liter
C. 8.0 million/micro literD. 2.0 million/micro liter
Question 3
Eighteen out of fifty people in the City of Norley have advance degree. The population of the city is 254,400.

How many have people have advance degree in the City of Norley?
A. 191,584B. 25,440
C. 9,158D. 91,584
Question 4
Jones family earns $5,250.00 every month. They save 15% every month, and then spend 21% on rent, 19% on utility, 30% on other household items and the rest on food.

How much money do they spend on food?
A. $1787.50B. $787.50
C. $1575.00D. $575.00
Question 5
The types of salts are dissolved in a glass of water with the following ratio,

Sea Salt : Rock Salt :: 2:3
Rock Salt : Black Salt :: 5:4

If there is 30 gram of Sea Salt in the water, how much Black Salt is there in the water?
A. 25 gramB. 45 gram
C. 36 gramD. 30 gram
Question 6
A steel manufacturing plant consumed 1500 kWh electricity last month. They paid $18,000 for the electricity. This month they consumed 1850 kWh electricity.

What is the electricity bill for the current month?
A. $18,500B. $14,590
C. $22,200D. $12,200
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Question 7
There are approximately 1,200,000 trees in a forest. 65% of those trees are deciduous trees. Only deciduous trees that forest has are Maple and Oak. The ratio of Maple tree and Oak tree is 11 : 19.

How many Maple trees are there in that forest?
A. 494,000B. 286,000
C. 429,000D. 250,000
Question 8
There are 5,500 students in the city university. 18% of them are engineering students. There are 3 female engineering students out of every 11 engineering students.

How many male engineering students are in the university?
A. 400B. 1500
C. 270D. 720
Question 9
In year 2007, GM sold 4 cars for every 25 car sold in year 2007. Total number of cars sold in US in 2007 was 819,000. Ratio of cars sold by GM, Ford and Chrysler is 7 : 10 : 8.

How many cars did Ford sell in year 2007?
A. 131,040B. 187,200
C. 149,760D. 91,728
Question 10
It takes 20 hours to go from City A to City B by bus. A train ride takes 25% less time then the time taken by the bus. Ratio of time taken by train and air ride is 5:1. How long does the air-ride take?
A. 3 hoursB. 6 hours
C. 1 hoursD. 5 hours
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