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Question 1
A farmer brought 1,605 tomatoes to sell at a farmer's market. He sold % of them at the end of the day. How many tomatoes were unsold?
A. 545B. 935
C. 1,070D. 1,080
Question 2
Mrs. Allen pays $28.49 in state taxes on a lawn mower he purchased. What is the cost of the lawn mower before taxes if state taxes are 9.25%?
A. $238B. $468
C. $263D. $308
Question 3
What is 120% of 920?
A. 1104B. 900
C. 1203D. 1056
Question 4
Tyler, Aspen and Bernie came to the Georgia Pizzeria for lunch. Their total bill was $53. If they want to leave a 15% tip, what will be their tip?
A. $4.65B. $7.95
C. $12.45D. $9.25
Question 5
What percent of 90 is 27?
A. 30B. 45
C. 60D. 15
Question 6
In a company, out of 120 employees 12 got promotion in 2001. Which shows the percent of employees that did not get promotion in 2001?
A. 95%B. 78%
C. 10%D. 90%
Question 7
The original price of a laptop is $890. If you get a 20% discount on the original price, how much will be deducted from the original price?
A. $167.50B. $667.50
C. $178.0D. $220.0
Question 8
Kristen saved $378. She spent 8% of it on her shoes and 45% on clothes. How much money did she have left?
A. $200.34B. $178.80
C. $177.66D. $77.66
Question 9
A Plasma TV is on sale for $3,900, which is a 35% discount off the regular price. Find the regular price of the TV.
A. $5,600B. $6,000
C. $2,100D. $6,371
Question 10
If 60 is 150% of a number, what is 75% of the same number?
A. 40B. 45
C. 60D. 30
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