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Question 1
Find the least common multiple of 12 and 80.
A. 280B. 164
C. 224D. 240
Question 2
Find the LCM of 9, 10 and 45.
A. 90B. 60
C. 54D. 95
Question 3
Find the LCM of 54 and 90.
A. 180B. 270
C. 216D. 121
Question 4
Find the LCM of 26 and 34.
A. 234B. 446
C. 442D. 421
Question 5
Jerry has a pack of cards. If he makes group of 3 cards or group of 8 cards or group of 12 cards, no card is left over. How many cards does he have in the pack?
A. 24B. 12
C. 16D. 21
Question 6
Paul has two mystery numbers in his mind. Their least common multiple is 45 and greatest common factor is 3. Which two numbers does he have in his mind?
A. 3 and 4B. 9 and 15
C. 9 and 18D. 6 and 20
Question 7
Find the LCM of 36 and 100.
A. 600B. 180
C. 90D. 900
Question 8
Find the least common multiple of 14,   21 and 32.
A. 124B. 1,120
C. 210D. 672
Question 9
Both Maria and Katrina are taking piano classes. Maria has piano class every 3rd day and Katrina has her class on every 5th day. Which is true about their classes?
A. They will both have a class on the 12th day.B. They will both have a class on the 18th day.
C. They will both have a class on the 15th day.D. They will never have a class on the same day.
Question 10
Find the LCM of 16, 25 and 40.
A. 150B. 400
C. 80D. 300
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