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Question 1
Which sign will go in the bracket?

7,329 ( ) 7,239
A. >B. <
C. =D. >=
Question 2
The Nile River in Egypt is six thousand six hundred ninety-five kilometers long. Write its length in standard form?
A. 6,965B. 9,650
C. 6,695D. 5,672
Question 3
Goal saved during World Cup Soccer 2002 by top 10 goal keepers are shown in the table above.

How many goals were saved by the goalkeepers from the European countries (Turkey, Germany, England, Denmark, and Ireland)?
A. 91B. 113
C. 95D. 103
Question 4
Write the next three numbers in the pattern.

145, 153, 161, 169, __, ___, ___
A. 177, 184, 193B. 172, 180, 188
C. 176, 184, 192D. 177, 185, 193
Question 5
As shown in picture, there are 15 balls in a pool rack. How many balls will fit into 3 racks like this?
A. 40B. 45
C. 35D. 55
Question 6
Romero started selling chocolate bars for his scout team. He sold 15 bars on Monday, 22 bars on Tuesday, and 29 on Wednesday. If he continues the pattern, how many bars will he sell on Saturday?
A. 43B. 49
C. 50D. 57
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Question 7
The Players Mill Company collected about $1,500,000 for the United Way Campaign. What is true about the amount of money collected?
A. It's an exact amountB. It's an estimated amount
C. It can be bothD. None of the above
Question 8
What numeral means the same as 80,000 + 3,000 + 400 + 50 +8?
A. 83,458B. 80,345
C. 80,348D. 80,358
Question 9
How much taller is the Sears Tower than the Empire State Building?
A. 60 FtB. 220 Ft
C. 221 FtD. 231 Ft
Question 10
1,604 people visited the George Town Museum on Saturday and 1,448 people visited it on Sunday. How many people visited the museum altogether on Saturday and Sunday?
A. 2,052B. 3,042
C. 3,152D. 3,052
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